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At Maverick Square Plumbing & Drain, we like to think we’re the best plumbers around. Not to brag—we just believe our years and years of experience, coupled with our client-first approach to customer service, give us that top spot. You see, we understand that the core component of a plumber’s job, besides knowing how to fix a pipe, is customer service. We go into people’s homes every day to do our work; respecting those spaces is crucial. We’ll take care of you, just give us a call!

Our Service 

Do you have any residential plumbing or heating issues? Then you know exactly who to call—us. We provide all sorts of services, including but not limited to sink repair, drain unblocking, clogged toilet repair, hot water heater repair, boiler service, drain cleaning, heater repair, HVAC service, furnace repair, repiping, you name it.

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